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When the first official Iditarod race was underway 50 years ago, the magnitude of the challenge was indescribable.  Arctic temperatures that could kill you, untamed landscapes of immense proportion, and remote peoples counting on you for life-saving food and medicine.  The bond between a musher and their dog team was often the only thing between life and death.  The Iditarod legacy is unparalleled in the history of sport and mankind's drive to overcome the elements.  We believe that's a history worth saving - a message worthy of commemoration.  

50 years on, we haven't forgotten where we came from.  We remain committed to facing every challenge, seizing every opportunity, and blazing new trails to ensure that 50 years from now, mushers and their dogs will still get to shine as incredible athletes, team members, and part of Alaska's heritage.  To do this, we are bringing our heritage onto a Web3 stage.  Help us carry the torch by participating in our IditaCoin or NFT projects - we can promise you that, like all Iditarod adventures, this one - you won't want to miss!

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