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To celebrate the 50th running of this iconic event, The Iditarod is launching its own crypto token ahead of the race start.  

IditaCoin is built on the Solana blockchain to protect the environment and make sure that holders don't have to pay high transaction fees.  

The IditaCoin (DGZ) pre-sale is now open for a limited time - get yours today!


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There are few things as visually stunning as the vistas seen from The Iditarod Trail.  There are few things as heartwarming as the loving bond between a musher and their team.  There are NO events as gruelling as the 1049 miles these athletes conquer!

The inaugural Iditarod NFT collection allows you to own a totally unique and collectible symbol of this beautiful and powerful event.

Why just watch when you can ride along on the adventure?


The Iditarod (Iditarod Trail Committee) is a 501c3 U.S. charitable organization based in Alaska that has been around for 5 decades.

It is the world's leading dog-sledding event and one of the most intense athletic challenges in existence.  To compete in The Iditarod, the "musher" and their 14 dog team traverse 1,049 miles of the most remote Arctic wilderness.  


Thie event is hugely important to the athletes (2-legged and 4), the heritage of Alaska, and the communities that participate each year.


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